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Guaranteed fresh product without chemicals

We use water for washing, peeling, transporting, cutting and cooling. It is essential in our company process and thanks to Watter guaranteed clean', says Anke Heijligers-Bex, owner of the Limburg based potato processor Bex BV. 'We notice that the shelf life and quality of our fries have improved.'

The potatoes that Bex BV processes come from local Limburg growers. So there are short lines of communication and therefore business process is authentically traditional. This enables the products to be produced fresh and without preservatives.

Reinound from Watter and Anke from Bex

Assured of germ-free water

'Our approach guarantees the best taste, but it requires extra attention to hygiene,' explains Anke. 'We are always optimising our business process in order to keep improving the quality of the products. Really fresh fries are still the tastiest.'

With the Watter system the company is assured of germ free process water. The Watter system independently produces a disinfectant from electricity, salt and water on location, which it then automatically doses into the water system.

Support from a microbiologist


About 25 potatoes go into one bag of fries "It is not possible to see on the eye whether the water quality is good. Watter provides a microbiologist to support the process and we also have regular water tests performed. This way we ensure ourselves of clean water,' says Anke. The positive effects in the production show themselves in the freshness of the product.

Concretely, the shelf life has increased, which means that our products are longer full of flavour. As a result, every consumer, wherever and whenever, is assured of the best quality. And our customers appreciate that.'

potatoes and fries from bex

About Bex BV

The Limburgers supply their products to the hospitality industry throughout the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Bex BV distinguishes itself by not freezing its products, which only benefits the taste. All the flavour, nutrients and structure of the potato are best retained this way.

In Kessel they will never want to do without the Watter system again. The positive effects on the water quality pay back the system more than once,' says the entrepreneur. Every manufacturer that works with fresh products knows how important water is in their company. Watter is an absolute must to guarantee the quality in the production process.

More information?

Do you want more information about the cooperation between Bex and Watter? Or do you want to know what the Watter system can do for your company? Please contact us via our phone number +31(0)592 715 300 or via the contact form. We would be happy to tell you more!

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