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We are Watter


Watter was founded in 2008 by twin brothers Arjan and Alfred Koop. After years of designing, testing and improving, the Watter system was created. A machine that produces a highly effective and at the same time safe disinfectant only from electricity, salt and water.

Since then, Watter has grown enormously and we have hundreds of customers in more than nine countries. We have always remained true to our core values: integrity, dedication and resourcefulness. The collaboration within the team of scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs ensures that every customer receives specialist guidance, resulting in the greatest possible impact on a more sustainable world.

Our mission:

Enabling effective disinfection without the use of harmful chemicals.

Our method


To achieve our mission, our team includes scientists and technologists. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality of our products and service. Each customer is guided personally and all findings are substantiated scientifically.

This practical approach also generates many new questions and ideas. Since we develop all our products and applications ourselves, we can expand our portfolio in a responsible manner. As a result, we continue to meet the wishes of our customers and we increase our impact. As such, each day we come one step closer to our vision for the future: a world in which sustainable disinfection is the norm.