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Why buy HOCl from Watter®?

We are experts in the production of HOCl (hypochlorous acid) for various applications. This is why you should order from us:

  • Watter is the European market leader in producing HOCl at scale with our proprietary, revolutionary technology;
  • Over 500 companies in multiple countries use our HOCl for disinfection purposes;
  • You'll receive support from our own team of microbiologists;
  • Our HOCl is stable in large quantities;
  • Our HOCl has a shelf life of at least one year;
  • Watter BV is officially registered as an active substance and product supplier on the European Article 95 list for disinfectants (PT1-5). Inclusion in the article 95 list is a condition for compliance with European Biocidal Legislation.

HOCl is sustainable and it is safe for humans, animals and the ecosystem. We believe it's the future of disinfection.

Want to learn more about HOCl?

Read more about the active substance and it's usage and usefulness on this page.

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Hannah Saunders – Toddle Founder
We are delighted to be working in partnership with Watter, to add our Toddle stamp and bring this unique product to the UK market.

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