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Safe, Sustainable and Effective

Discover the future of disinfection

Watter offers sustainable disinfection solutions. Our disinfectant is produced through the electrolysis of salt and water. The most important active substance is in our disinfectant is HOCl (hypochlorous acid). This makes our product biodegrable and it is used for the benefit of germ free process water, clean drinking water for livestock and surface and hand disinfection. It's also possible for companies to use our product to create their own branded disinfectant for multiple applications.

All our solutions have been independently tested for efficacy in accordance with standard (EN) tests and are suitable, among other things, for the disinfection of:

  • Bacteria (EN 1276)

  • Yeasts and fungi (EN 1650)

  • Viruses (EN 14476)

  • Surfaces (EN 13697)

  • Spaces (EN 14349)

  • Medical instruments (EN 14561)

  • Water systems (EN 13623)

  • Hands (EN 1500)

Watter is officially registered as an active substance and product supplier on the European Article 95 list for disinfectants (PT1-5). Inclusion in the article 95 list is a condition for compliance with European Biocide Legislation.

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The Watter system


One device, many hygiene solutions.

The Watter system has been developed to produce a sustainable disinfectant on location only from electricity, salt and water. This environmentally friendly disinfectant makes pathogenic bacteria, biofilm, fungi, yeasts and viruses harmless.

It is biodegradable and leaves no residues. It is safe for humans, animals and the environment. Above all, it saves costs.

HOCl: the most important active substance

The Watter system produces a disinfecting fluid with over 20 active substances. The most important one in our disinfectant is HOCl (or hypochlorous acid). HOCl is mostly used as a disinfectant because of its oxidising qualities. It's highly effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts. It's also a very weak acid, comparable to citrus fruits. HOCl is produced with a technique which is called Electrochemical Activation (ECA). In this process a solution of salt and water is electrolysed, which creates the disinfectant. This is a very sustainable proces, because it only requires water, salt and power as its ingredients.

Want to know more about HOCL? Please read more here.

The active substance is the future of disinfection. In regards to many conventional products like alcohol and chemicals, it has many advantages:

  • It's friendly to humans and animals -> No hazardous materials, it's not poisonous, flammable or irritating to skin
  • Our machine can produce on site -> Less plastic waste
  • No transport needed -> Less co2 emissions

Be part of a cleaner future that's also more cost effective. Discover Watter!

Learn more about our disinfection solutions

Want to learn more about the possibilities and applications?

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