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Clean water guarantees our quality

"At Collall we make glue and paint products. Most of these are water-based and many of these products go to elementary schools in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe." says director Patrick van Rhijn. "In our production the quality control is therefore extremely important: teachers and parents must be able to trust that children can use our products safely. Another large part of our sales goes to hobby stores and they also expect the high quality that they are used to from us."

Patrick van Rhijn, Director of Collall Stadskanaal

Controlling the quality of raw materials was necessary

To guarantee this high quality, the Watter system has been used at the production site since 2013 to disinfect the process water. "Our raw materials are sensitive to bacteria and fungi. This is why in the past it sometimes happened that packages were bulging and products started to smell strange. That is obviously very annoying for the customer and for us.

Analyses of the water quality showed that the process water plays a role in the spread of microorganisms. The entrepreneur then went in search of a suitable solution, but had some requirements: "As a paint and adhesive manufacturer, we are very well aware of the European regulations surrounding the use of chemicals, such as REACH. We are also aware of the impact that the use of pesticides can have on the environment. We do not use any hazardous substances or substances of very high concern ourselves and expect the same from our suppliers."

Ideal match with Watter

The Watter system was an ideal match with the expectations of the company. By using in-situ disinfection, a disinfectant is produced on site by electrolysis of water and salt. This results in no residues in the water and furthermore it saves a lot of money by eliminating the need to purchase, transport and store chemicals. The Watter system is approved for water disinfection and is one of the few companies that is listed as Active Substance and Product supplier on the Article 95 list of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

The most important thing is that the Watter system is approved for water disinfection.

Most importantly, the Watter system fights the microorganisms in the process water and thus minimizes the chance of contamination. And it does so year-in-year-out according to Van Rhijn: "With Watter, we have optimized our production process so that we hardly lose any quality. It allows us to exclude bacteria and other microorganisms from our production lines. It's safe and easy to use and I wouldn't want to be without it."

More information?

Would you like more information about the collaboration between Collall and Watter? Or would you like to know what the Watter System can do for your company? If so, please contact us via our phone number +31(0)592 715 300 or via the contact form. We would be happy to tell you more!