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The disinfectant produced on-site by the Watter system is called Watter Disinfection Solution (WDS). Thanks to its key active ingredient, HOCl, it serves as an excellent alternative to multiple conventional agents and can be used for various applications. Moreover, because our technology is versatile, it can help save money, reduce plastic waste, and lower transportation-related CO2 emissions.

Examples of Watter Disinfection Solution Applications:

A versatile disinfectant with HOCl as the primary active ingredient

Watter's disinfectant is effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and viruses. The main active ingredient is HOCl, or hypochlorous acid. At a dosage approximately 100 times lower, it is just as effective as regular chlorine (bleach). This means that much less product is needed to achieve the same biocidal effect, all based on renewable sources such as tap water, salt, and electricity.

Non-CMR Substance 

Because our disinfectant is used in such low concentrations, it is not included in the list of hazardous substances. Additionally, it is safe for use by humans and animals. Studies in Asia and America have even been conducted on wound disinfection with HOCl, yielding astonishing results. HOCl is a naturally occurring substance produced by our neutrophils to combat infections.

Since it is not listed as a hazardous substance, you are also relieved of the associated administrative and safety obligations that come with its use. This saves both time and the purchase of necessary safety materials such as suits, gloves, and masks.

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Many benefits, numerous applications

Would you like to find out if our sustainable disinfectant is suitable for your application? Then, please get in touch with us quickly. Our research & development department is ready to assist you.