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Prevention is better than cure. Watter can be used in all situations where the control of bacteria, fungi and viruses is a major challenge. Watter is more effective than most traditional disinfectants. It is completely safe and durable.

Watter = residue free


The Watter system is a revolutionary technology that makes a sustainable disinfectant on the location.

With the Watter system, you no longer need expensive and toxic chemicals. It is effective, safe and approved for the disinfection of processing lines and process water.

With Watter, the flower bulb sector has a sustainable alternative to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses in the processing process without residues that remain in the environment.

Weijnand Saathof, crop researcher at the HLB research institute

Germ-free with no toxins


Regular disinfectants, such as formaldehyde and hydrogen peroxide, can be replaced by Watter. It is a powerful weapon against fusarium, the Plantago asiatica mosaic virus (PlAMV), usury and other bacteria, viruses and fungi.

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