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Disinfect your rinsing water with Watter!

There are many processes where rinse water is important, for example in brewing beer, rinsing fruit and vegetables and rinsing crates and conveyor belts. It is important that this water is micro biologically clean to avoid contaminating your products. Microbiological contamination is often caused by biofilm formation in the pipes; the micro-organisms in this biofilm enter the water when the pipes are flushed. The biofilm can additionally cause blockages,

ensuring clean pipes is therefore very important. Using germ-free water during flushing is therefore very important.

Risks of biofilm

Biofilm is a slimy layer of cooperating micro-organisms. When this adheres to surfaces, it can cause contamination of products. Microbially induced corrosion (MIC) can also be a consequence of biofilm. After the initial phase of this biofilm, it is very difficult to remove, which can have negative effects on your production. Biofilm can cause microorganisms to mix in the rinse water, which can cause contamination with bacteria such as Salmonella or Pseudomonas. This can affect your product quality.

Disinfecting your pipes is very important. This not only removes the biofilm but also secures your production and profits. Moreover, it ensures that your employees and customers are not at health risk. This is the case, for example, in the food industry, where contaminated products are regularly recalled.

Disinfection with traditional chemicals

Traditional chemicals have several problems. Not only do they remove biofilm only temporarily. But products such as sodium hypochlorite are harmful to human health. In addition, these chemicals are effective only when dosed correctly. If they have to be mixed manually, this may not be done correctly, which harms effectiveness. Watter has found a solution to not only disinfect your rinse water more effectively, but also more safely.

Desinfection with Watter

The Watter system produces a slightly oxidising disinfectant based only on electricity, salt and water. This is a biocide that is sustainable and biodegradable, yet effective. It removes not only biofilm, but also several fungi, bacteria and viruses. In addition, you produce the agent yourself on site. It is automatically dosed properly in your water with only a low concentration of disinfectant for effective water disinfection. This means no constant purchasing, storage and delivery of expensive and harmful chemicals. This saves you money, reduces the use of plastic and limits CO2 emissions.


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Guarantee the optimal microbiological quality of your rinsing water

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