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Disinfection of process water

Effective against biofilm, biofouling and microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC)

Effective against e.g. listeria, pseudomonas and salmonella

Without the use of expensive chemicals: Fully biodegradable

Safe to use

Replace expensive and harmful chemicals with a system that allows you to make a sustainable and proven effective disinfectant yourself on site. This means that you are assured of structurally germ-free water.


We work for, among others

Optimisation of business processes through disinfection

Bert Blaauw - Frisian Egg

"No chemicals required to get rid of biofilm in our process water"

Over the years, biofilm has developed in our pipework. We rinsed with chemicals at regular intervals, but these always seemed to have a temporary effect.

Quality Manager Bert Blaauw of Frisian Egg in Drachten was looking for a structural, effective disinfection method. The Watter system was the solution for him.

What is process water?

We define process water as the water used in the factory process. Forms of process water are for example

  • Rinse water, for cleaning the product;
  • Water that is used (e.g. under high pressure) for cleaning machines and areas used in the production process;
  • Cooling water, which is the water used to cool the product or the machines.

Because the water comes into contact with the product, or at least the production process, you want it to be free of bacteria, viruses, mould and yeasts. This prevents premature loss and bad smell and/or taste. This explains the importance of germ-free process water.

“Clean water guarantees our quality”

'At Collall, we produce glue and paint products, among which those with water as a base and for the majority of elementary schools in the Netherlands,' CEO Patrick van Rhijn explains. 'As a result, the quality control is very important in our production process. We used to have a lot of yeasts in our raw materials. It made the the packages bulge and the products stink badly.'

'By using Watter, we have optimalised our prouduction process, which made us have next to no more loss of quality. We are now able to exlude yeasts and other micro-organism in our production lines. It is safe and easy to use and I can recommended to any other producer that deals with water.'

Independently scientifically tested

All our solutions have been independently tested for efficacy in accordance with standard (EN) tests and are suitable, among other things, for the disinfection of:

  • Bacteria (EN 1276)

  • Yeasts and fungi (EN 1650)

  • Viruses (EN 14476)

  • Surfaces (EN 13697)

  • Spaces (EN 14349)

  • Medical instruments (EN 14561)

  • Water systems (EN 13623)

  • Hands (EN 1500)

Watter is officially registered as an active substance and product supplier on the European Article 95 list for disinfectants (PT1-5). Inclusion in the article 95 list is a condition for compliance with European Biocide Legislation.

Guarantee the optimal microbiological quality of your process water

Whitepaper: Process water

Germination in drinking water can be the cause of quality losses and undesirable odours and flavours, among other things. Besides cleaning, disinfection steps are also necessary. In this white paper, you will find explanations and tips about clean water on your farm.