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Surface and room disinfection with HOCl

✓ Effective against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses;

✓ Registered as active substance and product supplier on the European Article 95 list;

✓ Without the use of expensive chemicals: fully biodegradable;

✓ Safe to use (without alcohol or corrosive chemicals).

Effective room, air and surface disinfection with a ultrasonic fogging system and our premium, stable HOCl. The disinfection mist is independantly researched and found effective for combating aerosoles, droplets to stop infection and spreading.

room disinfection

Fogging rooms with HOCl

Watter produces a disinfectant based on water, salt and electricity. The disinfectant has been extensively tested and is effective against micro-organisms. The main active substance in the disinfectant is HOCl (what is HOCl?), which is friendly to humans, animals and the environment. Both as a liquid and as a mist. An emerging trend in Europe and particularly in Asia is the ultrasonic fogging of HOCl in spaces to disinfect both air and surfaces. Independent research has shown that HOCl not only disinfects surfaces, but also tackles aerosols. It has also been shown to achieve sufficient log reduction to prevent contamination and spread. These studies can be sent on request.

Humidifiers specific for HOCl

The disinfectant produced by Watter has a slightly oxidising effect. This means that not every nebuliser is suitable to be used in co-operation, because parts can rust and the device will break down quickly. Therefore Watter recommends room disinfection systems that are especially developed for the use of HOCl. We do not produce these ourselves, but we work with a party that can provide this for you. Of course we can send you the contact details on request.

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