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"Pigs always have clean water"


Pig farmer Wim Wolters from Laren, Gelderland, disinfects the drinking water for his animals with a Watter machine. As a result, they always have clean water without the entrepreneur having to look after it.

The entrepreneur summarizes why he has invested in the water disinfection system of the Drenthe company Watter. "It's easy and my pigs have access to clean drinking water all the time."

Wolters has a breeding company with six hundred sows. "The water quality is particularly critical for piglets. We have been doing our best for years to ensure that the animals get clean water to drink. But that's not as easy as you might think" he says.

"A risk factor is water pollution from dirty barn pipes. This is due to a biofilm, which is formed when micro-organisms grow on the minerals deposits and dirt particles on the wall of the pipe. To remove biofilm, I rinsed the pipes after each round per department with water, together with a cleaning and disinfection agent. That is not cheap and requires discipline. "

The buyer of his piglets pointed out a different way to Wolters: a disinfection system from Watter. "My colleague had good experiences with this." A consultation with a Watter drinking water specialist soon followed. "We looked at various results of analyzes. This showed that the quality of the drinking water in the drinking bowls was not always optimal. The parameters "bacterial count" and "yeasts and moulds" fluctuated too much."

Wolters agreed with Watter to test the disinfection installation for six months. "You are talking about a substantial investment. I didn't want to commit to that just like that."

Buckets of salt

The pig farmer explains how the Watter system works: "The device produces the disinfectant Nontox from water and salts, and adds 2 percent to the drinking water. I just need to add some buckets of salt into the machine every month. "Wolters wants to continue working with the Watter system. "The animals always have clean water. That is most important to me. The water not only looks clear but analyzes also show that the quality is good. The bacterial count is 0, and the water contains no yeasts and fungi. "He expects to be able to recoup the investment of several tens of thousands of euros in the disinfection system. "At first I used 1,200 euros worth of detergent every year. Now, only 300 euros worth of salt. We also want to use Nontox to disinfect hosed down departments. Then we save no less than 2,000 euros per year on disinfectants. "

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