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"Watter pays for itself very quickly"


On Gerard Scholman's closed pig farm, the animals have been supplied with clean water by the Watter machine since 2018. "I save € 13,000 annually on acids and chlorine dioxide, and the water is cleaner than ever."

Cost reduction

The choice for the Watter machine was initially made because of the cost. “In terms of savings on other resources alone, it pays for itself within a year and a half. In addition, it is simply running better, while we have not changed anything else in operational management. ”

Gerard sees the biggest advantage in the stable. “Weanling pigs in particular are doing better. The animals are pink and the teat dip has almost disappeared. Water quality is especially important during weaning. "

"I save € 13,000 annually on acids and chlorine dioxide."

“We have also seen the animals respond well in terms of drinking behaviour. The sows like to drink it, even though they are very picky animals. With Watter, I have measurably no bacteria, fungi and biofilm in the water. ”

According to Gerard, it is an ideal year for the investment in a Watter machine. “Thanks to MIA / Vamil and the low running costs, the machine pays for itself very quickly. I am very satisfied with it and recommend it to every pig farmer ”.

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