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The maximum out of the cows


Jan and Betty Geerlig keep 100 lactating cows on their farm in Witteveen in Drenthe. They had been feeding 28 kg ration for a long time, but never got it out. Until they decided to start from scratch again.

“In 2012 we built a new barn and we were - and are - very happy with that.” Jan says, “But it didn't take long until a purple / green deposit appeared in the boxes.” Time passed and the slime in the drinking bowl was gradually becoming a norm.

Until the dairy farm was approached for a trial with Watter.


Visible result

In their own words, it took 14 days for all the dirt to disappear. Visible in the drinking troughs, but also inside the pipes where it has been building up during all those years. And the cows noticed that too: "The water is flawless, but the real effect is in the milk tank. Watter was the missing puzzle piece to get the most out of the cows. At least 6 to 7 cows produce more than 40 kg per day!"

The Drenthe dairy farmer can recommend the system to anyone: "This summer I saw the effect again in the pasture. Normally there would be algae in the drinking bowl within a week, but not anymore. Despite the warm summer with a lot of sunshine, the water remains crystal clear."

Microbiologische kwaliteit van het water


E.coli (cfu/ml) Total colony count (cfu/ml)
24 August 2017
Without Watter
>100 >300.000
28 September 2017
With Watter
0 5.000

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